SEO Process

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Obtaining high ranking and traffic for your website is not a matter of “luck”; it is tried and true methods and procedures executed over and over again, month after month.  The effect of SEO work is cumulative, i.e., 100 backlinks are nice; 1,000 is even more powerful.

There are a number of major areas to achieve high rankings:

SEO Process

1. Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization refers to making your website as search engine friendly as possible. This involves:

  1. Tagging. By insuring that your website has appropriate tags that accurately emphasize the keywords that are important to your business, the search engines will index and know what your business is about and where to direct searchers: sub-URL’s; title tags; meta descriptions; H1-H5 tags; and, image tags all aid this process.
  2. Content. In past days, stuffing your websites with tags was enough. Not today. Today, having content that supports the keywords for your business is critical to achieve ranking.

We will insure your website has sufficient, and appropriate content, including creating new “landing pages” where warranted adding content and emphasizing the keywords that are important.

Here’s a quick look at what the search engines “see” when they crawl a website (using SEO Quake):

2. Keyword Analysis

Analysis of keywords that are important to your business, that have sufficient traffic to warrant their inclusion in your list, and determining the level of competition is an important early stage activity in search optimization. A keyword with great traffic but with a lot of nationally recognized brands also emphasizing that keyword may make ranking for that keyword unrealistic in any reasonable time frame. We will do that analysis and provide options for you to consider. We have tools, beyond Google Keyword Planner, that let us examine the competition, determine the level of difficulty, and suggest alternative keywords that will better fit you needs, and offering the ability to achieve first page ranking.

Here’s a simple keyword analysis using the keyword “bocaratonseo”:

SEO Process
SEO Process

3. Off-Site Optimization

  1. Whereas Onsite Optimization is pretty much a one-time activity, Off-Site Optimization is an on-going process, month after month. The basic idea is to link external sources to your website and to create content in external sources that emphasize the chosen keywords and link to the appropriate page on your website where that content is located.
  2. Tim Soutes of Ahrefs, a well-know author working for a well-established SEO software company recently stated that it was almost a mathematical equation where the number of external domain links you have, the higher the authority of your site and thus the easier to achieve rankings. While the process is probably not that straight-forward, there is little doubt that external links from a wide variety of authoritative sources help with both the value (Domain Authority) of your website and the resulting rankings.

Our efforts are geared to creating those links by a variety of means:

  1. Creation of one-way, permanent, backlinks
  2. Creation of directory entries in publically accessible, and highly rated, source sites
  3. Creation of social media links through: social bookmarking, Facebook and Twitter entries, and blog postings
  4. Creation of articles and press releases and publishing them o public PR sites.

The number we create depends both on the level of optimization sought and the difficulty of the optimization.

Here is an abstract from the summary page of a monthly report that we produce (there is a detail page backing up each of these summary items):

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