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We've all heard the stories, "Just pay us and we'll get you the results"; or, "Don't worry, it just takes a couple of months to see the results". Why believe or "trust" anyone, we give you money-back guaranteed results. If we fail to get the promised results, you get every dollar back with no "but" conditions.


Pricing for Our Services (BSC) is proud to offer all of our services on a month-to-month basis; and, to provide an iron-clad guarantee for three of the four services (only PPC comes without a guarantee).

In addition, BSC takes all the steps to ensure that we meet with success for your project:

  • We will rebuild your website at no cost to you if it is not currently a WordPress site or we feel it does not help convert visitors into customers due to poor navigation, lack of content, lack of visual appeal, lack of “call to action”, or other reasons. This “no cost” offer is for ten (10) pages.  Additional pages will have a slight charge, which we will communicate up-front.  If you decide that it isn’t for you, it’s not an issue; we’ll part friends and perhaps meet up in the future.
  • We will create fresh content for your site and your social media sites for SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.
  • We will build the necessary landing pages for SEO and PPC to ensure visitors who come to your site see content that is relevant to what they were looking for in the first place.
  • We will enhance your Google Business Page for Google Places/Maps (and perhaps for SEO if your business lacks a page or we feel it is inadequate).
  • And lastly, we guarantee results for our SEO, Google Places/Maps, and Social Media Marketing services. (The specific guarantee is noted with each service outlined below.)

  Organic Search Optimization (SEO)

              $499 Per Month


(Additional keywords will cost $40 each.  There is no maximum.  The guarantee will be expanded to include additional keywords, i.e., 25% will be guaranteed for 1st page ranking.)


































Organic search optimization involves many aspects and each must be executed well in order to gain first-page prominence:


  • Website appearance, navigation, and tagging


  • Quality backlinks that have domain and page authority


  • Fresh content, both on the website and external to the website


  • Quantity, quantity, quantity.  Rankings require performing quality activities over and over again.  Simply adding a few quality links once will not achieve your goal.  It takes months to gain the attention and favor of the search engines, which is why we use six months for our guarantee.


Note that BSC concentrates on local results.  We will not handle state or national accounts.  We will work with up to two locales.  More than that will require a surcharge, even if the number of keywords isn’t increased.


Basic package is for 20 keywords with 5 guaranteed for 1st page placement.  Price includes:


  • Landing page  (1 or 2)


  • One city page


  • Rebuild in WordPress (up to ten pages)


  • Monthly Ranking Report


  • Monthly Activity Report


  • Onsite tagging (title, image, header, etc. and meta descriptions, if needed)


  • Offsite link building (500 a month minimum)


GUARANTEE:  At least 25% of the keywords will be ranked in the first 10 results, at the same time, within six months or all monies paid will be refunded.











Google Pay-Per-Click Management

$499 Per Month


(We also do Bing and Yahoo for $ 299 per month each; but must also do Google; and, uses Google-created ads.

We do Facebook but generally don’t recommend it except under very specific circumstances.  Save your money.)







Pay-Per-Click can be very effective. To be the most effective possible, and to be cost-effective, BSC will:


  • Create landing pages for each major category (up to three are included at no additional cost; others can be added for $70 each).


  • Analyzed your competitors and know what they are utilizing in terms of both ads and keywords.


  • Seek alternate, longer phrase keywords to keep click cost down (less competitive keywords can be had for lower bid prices).


  • Monitor, monitor, monitor.  Checking age, geographic, time of day, and other factors on an ongoing basis is how to get the best click-through and conversion rates.


  • Create ads and extensions that sell and convert


  • Provide 100 free clicks per month, in addition to the ones paid for


  • Real time access to Google Ads account and absolute control over the account, i.e., you can turn it on and off, change budget, add/delete keywords, etc.; and, see what we are doing on an ongoing basis

Google Places/Maps

$249 Per Month



 (for one location; add $150 per month for additional locations.  This price includes virtual office to allow you to be close to the desired location for ease in placement.)














Surprisingly, we have found placement into the first 3 or 4 positions on Google Places/Maps many times easier to achieve than organic rankings.  Google Places/Maps has its limitations, i.e., max of 4 or 5 keywords, but since the number of clicks is superior to the clicks for organic rankings, the trade-offs are worth it, i.e., 25%-40% of searchers may click-through.  Getting placement involves numerous steps:


  • Enhancing your Google Business Page to take advantage of all the opportunities Google makes available through the business page


  • Co-ordinating the information on the business page with other social media sites (inconsistencies in company name, address, phone number, etc. can undermine the efforts)


  • Generating sufficient citations, 100, to relevant, high-authority sites that will power placement of your company into the first 3-4 results.


Guarantee:  The company’s listing will be placed in the first 3-4 results within six months or all monies paid will be refunded.


NOTE:  This service is only available as an add-on, it cannot be purchased by itself.








Social Media Marketing

$599 Per Month





























Establishing and enhancing your branding and presence on social media is a worthwhile goal.

“Social media” encompasses thousands of sites.  We choose the top 35 that are relevant to your company and business to try and make the “right” audience aware of who you are, what you offer, and why they should do business with you.  Four certainties are: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; and, LinkedIn.  Beyond that the path varies. If you are in the real estate business, we see Pinterest as a certainty; if you sell plumbing supplies, not so much.  Thus, our selections are based on: i) the nature of the business; ii) the visual aspects of your business (do you have vivid pictures and ever-changing pictures related to your business); iii) are you doing e-commerce on your site (picking sites where viewers habitually go to shop makes sense); and, iv) how narrow or broad is the “right” audience. There are other factors as well, but these four are the most important.


We do a number of activities to promote your company, your business, and your branding:


  • We will make sure your Google Business Page is in good order.  Often, this page is visited by those who see your name elsewhere for address, work hours, and other information.


  • We will create one landing page, if we feel there is not a satisfactory page to direct visitors to on your website now.


  • We will produce four professionally written, 500 words or more articles every month (these articles alone are worth the cost of this service).  These articles will be posted on your website.  Four unique abstracts will be created and posted to the four primary sites noted above.  The other 34 sites will get an auto-generated posting.


  • We will create a network of 100 additional social media sites that will receive an auto-posting of any material posted on your site, including the four articles each month.


  • We will post an additional ten postings to each of the 35 social media sites.  This will be short, keyword-focused, posts.


  • Monthly reporting for the 35 sites showing the traffic generated.


GUARANTEE: We guarantee that the amount of traffic your website receives from social media sites will be at least 300% greater within six months than it was when we started (from all social media sites, not just the 35); or, will refund all monies paid.






Integrated Marketing Package

$999 Per Month























All of the above services are great, but why not put them all together into a powerful, all-encompassing package that lets your company, brand, and services penetrate every online avenue available?  Well, you can, and all at just about a 50% discount to the individual pricing for each of these services.


The advantage of signing up for all of the services is four-fold:


1.    You save a considerable amount of money.

2.    You don’t have to choose one service that may or may not be the most effective for your business.

3.    You will be hastening the expansion of your online presence and brand.

4.    Each of these services can help enhance the overall effectiveness of your online rankings and placement.  For instance, the 100 citations created for the Google Places/Maps service are in addition to the 500 generated for SEO services; likewise for the 350 created for social media marketing.


The effect is synergistic and will see faster and stronger results in each of the individual components.


The guarantees mentioned in the individual service components carry over into the integrated marketing package.   Should we fail to deliver in one of the individual services, a refund will be made for that component’s implied portion of the total price, i.e., component price/$1,846X$999.











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