Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a time consuming process that needs to be consistently performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Generally, the broader the area optimization is to cover, the harder it is to achieve high rankings because the number of competing websites increase; and, the more intrusion will occur with the national brands and chains, which cannot be easily displaced to the age of their website, depth of content, and authority that is already established.

We have established basic “packages” that cover each level of geographic penetration: local, state, and national (we also do international optimization, but that is separately quoted; we are fluent in Spanish). However, these prices, shown below, relate to the “basic” package and can be expanded by: i) number of keywords; ii) certain aspects of the optimization, i.e., more articles and press releases, greater number of social blogs, etc.; iii) creation of geo or keyword-specific landing pages; iv) expansion of content on the website; etc.

Typically, our customers notice an increase in rankings and traffic in approximately 2-3 months; the broader the geographic area covered, generally the longer the rankings will take. But, in any case, we guarantee results within six months.

The full range of services includes:

We’ve about the increase in traffic; but, pictures speak louder than words. Here’s a chart showing the increase in organic traffic for one of our clients with whom we have been working five months (

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