August 2, 2016

Importance of Backlinks for SEO

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If you are conversant with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you have probably heard that backlinks are important, and have gained even more prominence recently. What is a backlink and why is there so much emphasis placed on them? When it comes to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, backlinks are critica, and today they are the main pillars of the Search Engine Optimization’s building blocks. Here, as the foremost Miami SEO service provider, we are going to review what a backlink means, its importance, and the things that you can do to create valuable, high-quality ones that will enhance your optimization effort, and not get you into trouble with the search engines and their algorithms.

So what does the term backlink mean?

What do backlinks mean? They are links that point directly to your website from another website, blog, or online site. They are also known as “inbound links”. The quality of backlinks of a website indicates the importance or popularity of the website. Backlinks are essential components of SEO because search engines like Google will recognize the websites with a considerable amount of quality backlinks more than others that don’t have them; and, not only that, those websites will be considered more important than the others on the search results page that will appear after a search query.

How can the quality of a backlink be determined by the search engine?

When the significance of a website to the keyword is calculated by the search engine, it is the amount of QUALITY inbound. What does the term reciprocal backlinking mean? links that points towards the site that give it more

Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Let’s discuss a term known as “reciprocal linking” briefly. Discussions about reciprocal linking are very popular these days. When Google performed its last update, it made reciprocal links one of its primary targets in its latest filter. In the past, to gain ranks for websites.

Reciprocal links must be handled carefully and have a reason to exist beyond promoting the website. Google’s algorithm takes into account both the popularity and the trustworthiness of the sites that you are linked to. This could mean that by linking your site to a bad one, a site already known by Google to be suspect, or found to be so after your links are established, your website could be subject to adverse action by the search engines. It is better to move ahead cautiously than to try to fix the problem after being identified as non-trustworthy. Keep in mind that the search engines continue to refine and test their algorithms to squeeze out just such sites. Don’t get caught in that trap. Carefully evaluate where your links are coming from and who you are exchanging links with. There are a number of software packages that will identify your links and rate the value of the links. We would be glad to provide a review of your backlinks at no cost to you. Just click here. As an experienced SEO provider in Miami, we can help evaluate where your website stands in regards to the number and quality of backlinks. links, that makes the backlinks more valuable (and, just as importantly, the number of different domains these links are flowing from; one link from ten different sites is worth 2-4 times what the same number of links are worth from the same site, even if all the domains are highly rated). With the experience we have acquired over the years as the best Miami SEO service provider, we discovered that one shouldn’t be pleased with just receiving inbound links; rather we should be anxious about the quality of the inbound link that is pointing towards our site. A search engine takes the content of the sites into consideration when determining how high the QUALITY of a link is. When inbound links to your site emanate from sites that have contents that are related to yours (called “relevant” sites), those inbound links will be seen as even more valuable to your site. If inbound links originate from sites that have content that is not related to yours, they will be seen as less relevant. A good reason to add quality backlinks to our website is to attract visitors to your site. You can’t just develop a website and have an expectation that people will discover your website on their own. You must ensure that the information about your site ‘‘moves out” (i.e., gets distributed online through links and social media.) thought the creation of a vast network of inbound links, several webmasters would have agreed to exchange links, earning the “reciprocal” aspect of the links. Further, some sites, like JC Penny back in 2012, provided incentives to link to their site and subsequently were penalized by Google. JC Penny lost thousands of high, organic placements as a result. In a reciprocal link exchange, a webmaster will place a link that points to another webmasters site on his site and vice versa. A lot of these links were not relevant. Therefore, they were discounted. Whereas the inbound link that is irrelevant was ignored, the outbound links were still counted, weakening many websites’ relevancy score. This continues to haunt lots of websites, making them lose their position on Google. value. It is the quality, not the quantity of the

What if you own numerous website?

A lot of webmasters own more than one website. Often, these sites are not related to each other. You must be very careful when you want to interlink multiple sites that share an IP address. Google will look at these sites and their links as naturally suspect. If you own sites that are related, then linking each of these sites together could prove harmful for these sites, as it will look as if you are doing something fishy in the eyes of a search engine. Lots of webmasters have made an attempt to manipulate backlinks like that; a phenomenon that is known as “backlink bombing”.
One thing is certain: from a search engine perspective, interlinking websites does not help. The sole purpose of you wanting to interlink your websites might be to provide extra resources to the visitors of your website. In a situation like this, it will be okay if you can provide visitors to any of your sites with a link to another website of yours, but just ensure that the incidence of linking sites on the same IP address are reduced to the barest minimum. A link or two on a page probably will not hurt you.

If you want to start a backlink building campaign, there are some things you need to consider. It will be good if you can keep track of your backlinks, so that you can know the websites that are linking back to your website; and, not only that, you must also keep track of how the backlinks anchor text integrates keywords that are related to your website (“anchor tet” is the word or words that act as the hyperlink that can be clicked to go to the other website). Domain Stats Tool, a frequently used tool by the best Miami SEO service provider and many others, is a handy tool that will help you in your bid to keep track of the backlinks of your site. This is a tool that displays the backlinks of a website in MSN, Google, and Yahoo. Not only that, but it will also let you know other details about your site, like how your site ranks on Alexa regarding traffic, and the amount of pages that have been indexed from your site.
Another method of gaining quality backlinks to your website is through what is known as an anchor text. When a keyword is incorporated into the text of the hyperlink by a link, this is called quality anchor text. Instead of using a term like “click here”, which doesn’t have any relation to your website, using a phrase like “You can find out more about keyword by clicking here” is better. However, Google is now looking at overuse of keywords in anchor text as “stuffing”, so it should be used judiciously and not overused. If you discover that another website is being linked to your site, but the anchor text is not being properly utilized, you should immediately tell that site to change the anchor text to the one that incorporates a related keyword. This will help you to boost the score of your backlinks.

When it comes to search engine optimization, building high-quality backlinks is very crucial, and because of this, you should closely plan and monitor backlinks as part of your overall SEO strategy. With our experience as one of the best Miami SEO service providers, our expertise in using and explaining these tools and what is found could be helpful to you in gaining those high-quality backlinks that you want.

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