March 22, 2020


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be very successful, but most people are overpaying for their clicks.  Here are five things that you can do to reduce your cost-per-click (CPC) and increase your conversions:

  1. Stop focusing on the #1 position and instead concentrate on spending your budget wisely. The balance of these rules will show you how to spend wisely.
  2. Stop chasing the most popular, most expensive keywords. For instance, for search optimization, “seo” has 135,000 searches but the click cost is $14.86 per click (“seo service” costs $23.23 per click).  However, “seo rush” has 49,500 clicks for $2.86 and “seo meaning” has 12,100 searches for $3.93 per click.  So, you pay nine times more for ”seo” than “seo rush”.  Is it worth nine times more?    (And, today with Google using broad definition even for exact matches, the difference is worth even less.)
  3. Your goal should be to spend your budget by the end of the day, not as fast as possible. Google has made this a little more difficult by forcing you to use even spending throughout the day.  Unless you are a Fortune 500 company, you will not be able to buy all the clicks anyhow.  Why not minimize your bids and get your clicks for the least cost possible?  If you spend your budget before the end of the day, you are overpaying for your clicks.
  4. Use more keywords, not less. All conventional strategies suggest you limit your keywords.  They are wrong.  You will pay more for clicks by limiting your keywords.  (Yes, click-through rate  (CTR) has some importance, but not so much that it overshadows the CPC.)  The way to handle this is to reduce what you pay for low CTR keywords, but keep them, i.e., if you pay 50% less for a low CTR keyword, all other things being equal, aren’t the conversions going to cost less?  This is not to suggest using keywords that are not relevant to your products and services.  That would be a mistake.
  5. Use the entire 24 hours to buy your clicks. Yes, conversions are better some times of the days than others and traffic is higher some times than others, but this does not overcome the pricing difference for the clicks if you limit the time period you accept clicks.  Is a 50% higher CPC worth a higher conversion rate?  Almost never.

Two other things that you must do to convert the clicks into sales:

  1. Make sure that the page they are directed to a page that has relevant content for the keyword (this is almost NEVER the Home Page).  This is why we offer free landing pages, so that the searcher will land on a page that has content relative to what they were looking for; and, strong “call to action” prompts.
  2. Fast response is a must. This means, if you are spending a considerable amount, that you use a 24-hour chat service with your website for off-hours and that you respond quickly to any emails.  Conversions decrease rapidly if follow up is slow.

We can set up a low-cost, effective campaign for you.  Go to our PPC page.

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