May 21, 2017


If you are intending to sell any kind of product or service on the web, you are inevitably going to need to optimize your website for the Search Engines, so as to boost sales and traffic.  Organic seo is still one of the most effective ways to draw traffic and you can get rankings if the work is done right.

Several years ago, it was quite simple to draw traffic, since a good content-driven website, with good products, was sufficient to make a website get high ranking in search engines like Google. The level of competition has grown one thousand times more ever since, with billions of websites active on the internet today, creating some very tense competition for obtaining high Search Engine rankings and placements. This increase in competition has led to many different models, and many various methods of website optimization. Optimization simply means the technique of ensuring a website is “Search Engine friendly”.

Organic seo demands variuos techniques to obtain high search ranking.

Absolutely everyone wants their search engine optimization placement to be placed on the first page of the search results; and many people and companies are willing to spend lots of money to achieve that. But instead of running out of cash paying for dubious clicks in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, you can opt for organic SEO to achieve those results because organic SEO still works. Yes, the rules and techniques have changed, but the bottom line is the fact that if you work with a professional, knowledgeable SEO company, your website can still get ranked on the first page of the search results. And, the net result will be increased traffic to your website.

You simply cannot depend on paid services that assure you that they can place you on the first page of the results. They do not own the search engines and they might tell you that they have collaboration with any of them in that case, that is a signal not to make use of them. Google on their own website informs everyone that they have no partnership with any organization for website placement and ranking, therefore be cautious. Some will just supply you with spammy links to keywords aiming to deceive you to the top but then those will be short term and your website will end up charged.

Your search engine optimization placement depends on good organic SEO. Unique and high quality content as well as suitable keywords and appropriate backlinks will push you up the rankings. Absolutely, it may take a little while to get their but then what is the value of getting there, if you end up being punished for spam and getting sent instantly to the bottom.

A number of individuals, and companies, will tell you that they have the secret for SEO ranking. If they do, then why are they not on page one for every search result? They simply want you to neglect your organic SEO abilities and pay them some cash. Do not do it. If they cannot get their own website on page one, then they cannot do it for you as well. Organic rankings depend on good old hard work, adherence to the rules Google has embedded in their algorithm, and substantial, continuous work to get the results.

Sometimes, your search engine optimization placement may end up first on the search results from a keyword that everybody types in. Big deal! You cannot be viewed that way. Yes, they promise you that you would be seen on the first page however with a keyword like that, you may as well be on page one thousand with a common keyword. That is the main reason you are safer choosing organic SEO, selecting specific keyword phrases that are important to your business, and not paying for worthless results.

I have both reached the top spot and missed it as well. Nevertheless, I’m not quitting because the competitors will never and neither should you give up. Good SEO placement implies that you have to work for it continuously and as you progress with organic SEO, you will ultimately get there; and, we have the results to demonstrate that fact.

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