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Ways We Get Your Important Keywords Ranked

1.  We analyze and correct your website.

Content with keyword focus and tags (image, header, and other) help the search engines “see” your content and understand what your products and services are.  (Also need pages that address the keywords and provide content that searchers are looking for.)

We thoroughly analyze your website to discover how it stacks up and then improve on any deficiencies.  We’ll add tags, write content and reorganize the website to see that it delivers.

2.  We Curate an Effective Keyword List That Gets Ranked & Delivers Traffic

There is an art to developing the keyword list that takes into account: traffic; difficulty of ranking; match to your products/services; and, other factors.  (Once we have the keyword list, we will reevaluate your website to ensure adequate content to support the keywords is present.  If not, we’ll develop it.)

3.  We build backlinks, backlinks, backlinks, backlinks.

We link your website to directories, social media sites, blogs, press releases, local listings, classified ads, and many other places.  Basically, we flood the internet with your website and listing of products/services.  We’re talking in the thousands each month.

4.  Articles

We write articles each month that are informative, keyword-focused, and reinforce the content on your website.  We then create thousands of backlinks to the article page to both bring traffic and increase the authority of the page.  Goggle and the other search engines see this.

5.  Google Place/Maps

40% of searchers are likely to click on the local Google Places/Maps entries, so we’ve got that covered too.  We will: i) enhance your current listing; ii) generate citations every month to add to authority.  (We do not do reviews; these are trickly and can get your listing punished for fake ones.  However, we would encourage real ones.)

6.  Effective Reporting

Don’t you hate it when someone says “trust us”?  We do too.  This is why we supply in-depth reports of the progress we are making each month that covers: i) improvement in rankings; ii) details on what we did in the prior month; and, analysis and details on what we will be doing in the upcoming month.  And then we call you and review the progress.



1. Organic Search Engine Optimization ($449 per month after the first month).

2. Pay-Per-Click Management ($499 per month)

3. Social Media Marketing ($599 per month)

4. Google Places/Maps, as a stand-alone service; it’s included in #1, Organic Optimization ($249 per month).

 5. Complete Integrated Package that includes Numbers 1-4 ($999 per month).

NOTE:  We reserve right to decline a client for Google penalties, non-WordPress sites (although we will offer to build alternative site for $250 to optimize); or, certain industries, i.e., car dealers, real estate companies, law firms, etc.  (these require a lot more effort to achieve results; we may consider for premium price).  All prices quoted are for local optimization only.  Generally, we will decline national optimizations.

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