June 20, 2021

Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

The Basics of Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

PPC means pay-per-click. It is a system of internet marketing in which advertisers pay per click of their ads. It is a system of buying visitors for your site. It is not an organic way. People who cannot create visits organically via the search results follow the PPC system.  

PPC Can Improve Your Online BusinessSearch engines are the most famous ways to do PPC, but social media sites, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc. also have PPC, as does LinkedIn and other online sites. That being said search, PPC is still the most effective because: i) the prospect is interested in your service; and, ii) they are looking for it NOW. Other PPC sites pick up traffic/clicks from people who react to seeing the ad; they were NOT searching for your service. 

When someone searches for a keyword that is related to their business’ products/services and offers, it permits the advertisers to bid for ad placement in a link that relates to the products services offered; and, has the implicit sponsorship of the search engine.  

Google ads are the single and most popular PPC advertising system overall in the world. Google ads work on a pay-per-click system. 

There are three things you should be aware of with PPC marketing: 

  1. Paying the most for ads is not the most effective marketing strategy. Yes, you’ll spend lots of money, but are not likely to get the most effective results. 
  2. Using a wide array of keywords is not the most effective strategy. Fewer, more focused, keywords will yield better results. 
  3. If you don’t have content specific to the keyword the searcher was using, you will be greatly reducing your potential conversions. Better still, taking them to a landing page content-specific to what they were searching for will dramatically increase conversions. Yes, this means you will have multiple landing pages. (We provide the creation of content-specific FREE landing pages as part service, click here.)

 Effective PPC Clicks and Conversions 

PPC marketing is a type of advertising marketing in which advertisers pay the fee per click of their ads to users. PPC can use for all types of campaign goals: 

Promoting brand awareness

Increasing sales

Generating leads 

Including these, PPC is used for all types of campaign management. Advertisers can show an exact ad at that moment when users are searching for that specific product, information, and services. For example, if any user searches for “blue shirt,” then an advertiser can show the ad specifically related to “blue shirt.”  

You can also choose PPC Conversions. PPC Conversion means you have to only pay that time when customers convert on your app or website. This option is only available if “Target CPA” is elected for display campaigns. The most effective PPC Conversions campaigns have some requirements, like:

 In the last 30 days, in order to use PPC conversions, your account must have had over 100 conversions.

In less than 7 days after any ad clicks, you need 90% of your conversions.

If any customer clicks on your ad and it takes more than a week, then your PPC conversions will be disabled.

When you are charged, or your conversions are reported, you may see a slight delay.  

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing through ads on Google is most important because Google is the most popular search engine, by far. It gets the highest amount of traffic, and it can deliver the most valuable clicks and impressions to your ads. Pay Per Click clicks helps to grow visitors to your website. How often your ads appear depends on what match type and keyword you select. Pay Per Click results depends on a number of factors: 

Keyword Relevance: Many topics are included in keyword relevance. Like – tight keyword groups, proper ad text, crafting PPC keyword lists, etc.

Creativity: Enticing ad copy is vital. To create designer-quality ads, you can use free tools that will demand your clicks.

Landing Page Quality: Creating optimized landing pages with relevant, persuasive content, clear call to action, and tailored to some specific search queries is imperative for successful campaigns, and most effective use of your marketing dollars.

Quality score: It is Google’s rating of the relevance and quality of your landing pages, keywords, and PPC campaigns.  

Once you have created a new campaign, you have to manage the campaign on a regular, timely basis; otherwise, you are again wasting marketing dollars. Regular, timely account maintenance is the best predictor of an account’s success.

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