July 21, 2019

Using Your Website to Promote Your Business

If you do not change your website pages frequently, you may well want to refresh the substance by incorporating a blog page on your site. If you want to climb the rankings in the search results, your website has to have new, or updated, information constantly. Operating a blog is a wonderful way to include new written content, painlessly. Many blog post management platforms, like HootSuite, even allow you to plan forthcoming posts and to develop content to give you a edge.

Understand that how your website appears is important to your company and business. Screening your inbound backlinks, pictures, advertisements, and shopping cart lets you view your website from the perspective of your customers. Do you like what you see? Just like individuals visiting a physical store, how prospects and shoppers experience your site is important; and, just like a bad shopping experience will sour a shopper on revisiting a store where they have a bad experience or can’t easily find what they were looking for, their reaction to a bad experience with your website will produce a similar reaction, i.e., they won’t revisit. So, links that connect with a page where the content doesn’t match up with what they expected, or they can’t find what they sought, you will be losing a sales opportunity. Analyze the content on your pages. Are there words and buttons that allow a visitor to see or navigate to the content that satisfies their interest.

If you are running a blog to boost your presence within your industry or local community, your blog content should be informative rather than “salesy”. Informative content will outsell a straight sales pitch by a factor of 2 or 3. Using a blog to announce promotions, hires, new products, sales, and other promotions are good reasons to create a blog (and send emails to prior visitors, if you have captured their email addresses.

Often, you can provide better product descriptions, FAQ’s, and in-depth reviews are sought by buyers and can supplement and supplant the bland sales material that the manufacturer may produce. To the degree your descriptions and explanations outshine your competitors and help establish your prominence in your market. Again, informative is better than salesy.
You can expand the reach of your blogs in several ways:

  • Post a short extract of your blog posts into Facebook groups. Facebook has groups for almost any geographic area, interest, industry, and product category. The beauty of publishing into these groups is that the members of these groups may repost and thus extent the item to their followers (we’ve actually seen one of our blogs re-posted by members that had more than 100,000 followers of their own). Make usr that your extract includes both a link to the specific page where the post is and one or more keywords important to your business.
  • Your URL itself and the tagging of your web pages is part of your marketing. Title tags, meta descriptions, image tags, and H1-H5 tags all help the search engines understand what you are offering and ranking your website for people looking for your products and services. This will also bring more traffic to your site.

In summary, extending your brand by blogging can bring you more business and this is supported by: i) content on your site; ii) easy navigation on your site, and, iii) tagging of your web pages.

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